Report: Jalen Hurd quits playing for Tennessee

Tennessee running back Jalen Hurd has reportedly quit playing for the Tennessee Volunteers midway through the 2016 college football season.

He has not quit the team, however, per Jimmy Hyams, and is seeking a transfer next year and possibly a change of position.

Clay Travis of Outkick the Coverage provided what is purported to be an explanation by Hurd’s uncle for his decision.

It’s been a frustrating season for Hurd, a junior. He has rushed for just 451 yards and three touchdowns on 122 carries (3.7 yards per carry) and has caught 10 passes for 81 yards and two touchdowns.

It’s interesting to note that Hurd appears to be torn in a couple different directions, based on the statement above by his uncle. He’s reportedly upset that Butch Davis hasn’t run the I-formation but also is considering a move to receiver away from his running back role.

That he’s a talented individual worthy of being featured in an offense is without question. That said, quitting on his team right in the middle of a season is going to be a highly scrutinized move. Especially by talent evaluators at the next level. This is especially true given the recent tumble down the rankings by Tennessee, which was at one point a top-ranked team with an undefeated record before losing three straight games.

This is an interesting story that likely has some other layers to unfold. We’ll be watching with great interest to see what happens next.