Report: Four million-dollar bets have been placed on Eagles to win Super Bowl LII

Jesse Reed

The Philadelphia Eagles are underdogs heading into Super Bowl LII, but bettors are heavily banking on them to beat the New England Patriots. Following up on a trend we wrote about earlier this week, ESPN’s David Purdum reports four bettors have placed million-dollar bets on the Eagles to win.

“It’s not uncommon for million-dollar bets to show up each year on the Super Bowl, but not this many,” Purdum wrote. “Last year, for example, only one $1 million bet was reported on Super Bowl LI between the Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons.”

For some reason, nobody but the Eagles themselves seems to be buying this underdog thing any more. Perhaps it was the way the Eagles mangled the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship Game that tilted this narrative, but it’s still pretty strange so many people are counting out the Patriots.

On that note, per Purdum, “MGM vice president of race and sports Jay Rood told ESPN that the largest bet he had taken on the Patriots was a ‘mid-six-figure’ money-line bet.”

Clearly, folks are not interested in risking millions on the Patriots to win their sixth championship in the past two decades. At this moment, it sure feels like what Tom Brady said early in the week was prophetic.