Report: Floyd Mayweather girlfriend Abi Clarke being tormented by Conor McGregor fans

Abi Clarke Floyd Mayweather Conor McGregor

Former British reality television star Abi Clarke has reportedly been targeted by Conor McGregor fans since news broke she is dating Floyd Mayweather.

According to Ed Gleave of the Daily Star, Clarke has endured verbal abuse and had someone throw a brick through the window of her home in Essex that read “F– the Mayweathers,” which is “often chanted by McGregor fans,” Gleave wrote.

While walking on the street, she was reportedly approached by “three thugs” who “subjected her to a shocking torrent of abuse, ranting ‘You plastic slag… You’re loose. Mayweather’s gonna die,'” per Gleave.

Not surprisingly, Clarke was “shaken” by the vociferous attacks.

“It has been a real-life nightmare for Abi,” a source told the Daily Star. “The stuff she has had to deal with has been tough to take. She is genuinely worried about her safety. There are concerns that the worst could happen if things get out of control.”

“It was horrific,” said a friend quoted in the report. “Abi was understandably shaken by what happened. When neighbours went round to offer support, she was having a panic attack.”

Given the caustic rhetoric the two fighters have spewed during their pre-fight press conference barrage, it’s not surprising that fans are following suit. It’s just a shame that Clarke is stuck in the middle.

Clarke is expected to be in attendance when McGregor and Mayweather square off at the T-Mobile Arena next month, per the report. She’ll be there to back Mayweather, who is the odds-on favorite to beat the MMA fighter.