Report: Fan Struck by Broken Bat at Fenway Park Expected to Survive

By David Kenyon
Courtesy of USA Today Images

Fans take risks by attending games, and much to the dismay of all of us, Tonya Carpenter experienced that danger first-hand on Friday night when a broken bat struck her in the head.

Fortunately and thankfully, she is expected to survive what are considered life-threatening injuries, according to the Associated Press, via ESPN.

The message was brief, yet direct. The report said:

“Officer Rachel McGuire said Saturday that the woman is recovering.”

Carpenter sustained a head injury when Oakland Athletics third baseman Brett Lawrie’s broken bat flew into the Fenway Park stands.

Fan safety is a serious concern at baseball games, since foul balls and bats are liable to enter the crowd at any time. Granted, while it’s rare that someone sustains any injury—let alone a life-threatening one—scary situations like this may happen.

We wish you nothing but the best, Ms. Carpenter. We’re all supporting you, and please get well soon.

Photo: USA Today Sports