Report: Fan paid $133,000 for two Game 5 seats, a new NBA record

The Warriors-Cavaliers rivalry continues in Game 5 Monday night

A die-hard fan reportedly paid $133,000 for two tickets on the floor of Oracle Arena to watch Game 5 of the NBA Finals, a new NBA record.

The Golden State Warriors, up 3-1, will be looking to close out the Cleveland Cavaliers Monday night.

They went up 3-0 in the series but ran into a determined group of opponents last Friday night in Cleveland. Thanks to extra physicality and a three-point barrage by the Cavs, not to mention a game that was bogged down by officiating, Golden State was unable to complete the sweep.

If you believe one ex-NBA official, we can expect more of the same as the Association attempts to get the series back to Cleveland.

Regardless of what the refs do, it’s clear this game will be extremely hard fought. The Warriors don’t want to give any credence to the notion this series is in any way like the one they lost last year after going up 3-1. They’ll be doing everything in their power to close out this sucker tonight. The Cavaliers are obviously fighting to stay alive, so they’ll be scratching and clawing like mad to make it happen.

We can’t wait for the game to tip off. And apparently, neither can the fan who paid such a large sum to attend Monday night.