Report: Everson Griffen not expected to return to Vikings ‘anytime soon’

By Jesse Reed

Everson Griffen has been away from the Minnesota Vikings seeking treatment for mental health issues for a few weeks, and he’s reportedly not likely to return “anytime soon,” per ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

That said, he also reported this situation is far from concrete.

“How long Griffen will be away from the Vikings remains uncertain. Another source told ESPN that Griffen ‘could be back next week or could never play again, you just don’t know when it comes to mental health.'”

Back on Sept. 24 news broke that Griffen had threatened to shoot someone at a Minneapolis hotel, and that he had broken into a teammate’s home afterward. He was arrested and underwent a medical health evaluation.

Now we know that Griffen had actually been displaying troubling behavior for weeks prior to these to alarming incidents.

Schefter passed along information from a police report filed by Les Pico, the Vikings’ executive director of player development, “who told police that Griffen had been ‘explosive, screaming and yelling’ at the team facility and that he had been struggling in recent weeks.”

Since seeking treatment, Griffen has vowed to return as a “much-improved person and player” in an Instagram post he shared in late September.