Report: Eddie Lacy earns $55K for passing latest weigh-in

Eddie Lacy

Seattle Seahawks running back Eddie Lacy just became $55,000 richer for sticking to his weight loss plan.

Lacy signed an incentive-laden, one-year deal with the Seahawks which pays out salary bonuses for keeping his weight in check. This is the second reported pay out Lacy has received for passing his scheduled weigh-ins. Lacy earned another $55,000 in May for weighing in at 253 pounds.

Lacy struggled with his weight during his last seasons with the Green Bay Packers. His new deal, spiced with monetary incentives, appears to be keeping the 5-foot-11 inch running back on track.

We wish Lacy the best in keeping up with his fitness goals. He’ll look to compete with running back Thomas Rawls during training camp this summer.