Report: Eddie Lacy can earn additional $1.3 million if he rushes for 1,200 yards

The Seattle Seahawks set up some fascinating contract incentives for running back Eddie Lacy, who recently earned an extra $55,000 bonus for making weight.

In addition to the weight-loss incentives that we’ve laid out in the past, Lacy can earn up to $1.3 million in bonus money if he rushes for 1,200 yards in 2017.

Sheil Kapadia of ESPN dropped this knowledge on Wednesday.

“Per a league source, Lacy’s contract includes a potentially bigger bonus tied to rushing yards. If he runs for at least 800 yards, Lacy will cash in on an additional $250,000. If he hits 900 yards, he’ll get $500,000. For a 1,000-yard season, Lacy receives $750,000. For 1,100 yards, the number jumps to $1 million. And if Lacy rushes for 1,200 yards or more, he’ll get $1.3 million. (He is eligible to receive just one of the bonuses tied to yardage; they don’t accumulate.)”

That Lacy is capable of hitting 1,200 yards in a season isn’t debatable. If he stays healthy, is playing at a good weight and gets some blocking, he can certainly hit that mark.

During his four seasons with the Green Bay Packers, he came close to that mark twice, going over 1,100 yards in each of his first two seasons before his weight and injuries became a major factor in his production dropping.

Green Bay featuresĀ a pass-first offense, and Lacy will likely get his chance to carry the ball more regularly with the Seahawks.