Report: Eagles dangling DeMarco Murray and Ryan Mathews as trade bait

The Philadelphia Eagles are trying to clean house right now, and it might get a bit messier before things are tidied up in the wake of Chip Kelly’s miserable 2015 campaign as general manager.

Among the moves the team is considering, Ian Rapoport threw this out there on Monday afternoon:

The two players represent not only a significant portion of Philly’s offensive backfield but also $26 million in guaranteed cash they’re trying to get off the books. They combined to rush for 1,241 yards and 12 touchdowns last year, though Mathews was the more explosive runner.

If both players were to be sold off, “for the right price,” then the only viable starting-caliber running back left on the Eagles roster would be scatback Darren Sproles.

From a financial perspective, it would be smart to get Murray, in particular, off the roster. He’s averaging $8 million per year, and given his failure to produce in a run-first offense last year that kind of cash (including $21 million guaranteed) is unfathomable.

Additionally, Murray is reportedly eager to be out of Philadelphia and wouldn’t mind heading back to play for the Dallas Cowboys. That’s likely not happening, though, because Dallas isn’t going to be eager to pay his salary and/or trade away valuable draft picks to get him back.

The more realistic option is that, if anyone gets traded, it’s going to be Mathews, who did look good when healthy last year and has a manageable contract.

Regardless of what happens, one thing is clear: The Eagles are eager to fix what Kelly broke last year as soon as is humanly possible.