Report: Derek Fisher Could Land New York Knicks’ Head Coaching Job Soon

Once Steve Kerr decided to pass up on the New York Knicks in order to coach closer to his family in California with the Golden State Warriors, Phil Jackson and the New York Knicks apparently turned their attention to current NBA player Derek Fisher. 

Reports are now surfacing that Fisher will likely become the Knicks new head coach (via ESPN).

The New York Knicks’ pursuit of Derek Fisher to be their new coach will ramp up this week and is widely expected to result in the hiring of the 17-year veteran guard, according to NBA coaching sources.

Fisher has absolutely no coaching experience but does have a built-in relationship with Knicks president Phil Jackson. He ran Jackson’s triangle offense for years with the Los Angeles Lakers and would seemingly be able to utilize that offensive formation out of the gate with New York.

The report from ESPN’s Marc Stein continues…

One source close to the talks said Monday that “things could take shape quickly in the early part of the week.” The Knicks, though, are approaching this serious stage of talks with a hint of trepidation after the seemingly inevitable hiring of Kerr unraveled.

None of this should be a surprise. Previous coaching experience doesn’t seem to be high on Jackson’s list when it comes to potential candidates. Instead, he seems to be focuses on those who he has a previous relationship with.

There is very little doubt that Fisher has the on-court experience to be a successful NBA head coach. If he is hired, it will then become about bringing in experienced assistants to help turn around a fledgling franchise.

Photo: Sports Illustrated