Report: Darrelle Revis to Steelers ‘not happening’

Darrelle Revis has said playing for his hometown Pittsburgh Steelers “would be great,” but according to one report that’s nothing but a pipe dream.

Revis was recently released by the New York Jets, who cleaned house releasing many veterans this offseason. Now that he’s been cleared of all charges involving a brawl outside a Pittsburgh night club this winter, it’s feasible Revis could be picked up by a team in need of secondary help at any time.

Though he’s clearly lost a step and was downright horrible on the corner last year in the Big Apple, Revis could still be a tremendous safety. He’s also said he’s willing to move to that position at some point but still would like to stick at his natural position.

Having played his college ball at Pitt, it would be a great storybook ending if Revis did finish out his career in Pittsburgh. However, even though the SteelersĀ could use help in the secondary, it won’t apparently come in the form of Revis Island.