Report: Darrelle Revis Plans to Attend Patriots’ White House Super Bowl Ceremony

Even though New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis is no longer a member of the New England Patriots organization, he’s not letting that deter his plans to join the team at the White House.

The Patriots are set to meet President Barack Obama on Thursday, and John Rooke of reports Revis will be there, too.

Revis isn’t foolish; he knows an opportunity to meet the President of the United States does not come around on any random day. So, Revis will show up, hopefully play nice and hang out on the White House lawn with his former teammates and head coach Bill Belichick, who might actually crack a smile for the special occasion.

In years past President Obama has been known to throw some zingers out to some of the high-profile players while they attend the ceremony. Revis, who ditched the Patriots to go play for their AFC East rival, is bound to be a target of one of the President’s jokes.

While some may think Revis isn’t entitled to enjoy the spoils of hobnobbing with the President for this celebration, he’s earned the privilege as part of the unit that achieved the Super Bowl victory.

Will it be awkward, considering the recent Instagram rant where Revis claimed his account was hacked after a spew of profanity was posted about Tom Brady and Belichick? Sure, it will be. Plus, both teams remain involved in possible tampering charges for offseason discussions regarding Revis.

As for the cornerback, Revis may think he is winning with his smashing five-year, $70 million contract. However, he better remember this trip and take all the selfies he can, because the chances of him making a return trip to meet the President as a member of the Jets are slim.

If Revis does not realize that, perhaps President Obama will be the one to make him aware.

Photo: USA Today Images