Report: Cowboys still interested in Earl Thomas trade

Earl Thomas is one of the men who could become the 2017 NFL Comeback Player of the Year

The Dallas Cowboys have been trying to trade for Seattle Seahawks safety Earl Thomas for a while now, but it didn’t happen during the 2018 NFL Draft. That doesn’t mean it cannot still happen, however, according to David Moore of the Dallas Morning News.

Moore reported Sunday that, “The Cowboys’ attraction to Thomas is real. An inability to swing a deal tied to the draft doesn’t diminish their desire going forward.” He also notes that Dallas is willing “to play the long game here with an approach similar to what it did for the draft, one that requires patience and resolve.”

Perhaps feeding into this continued desire to nab Thomas from Seattle is the simple fact that Dallas didn’t draft a single safety this year.

Though, the team has signed three undrafted rookies to compete at this position, per Moore. He notes that this really will come down to whether Thomas and the Seahawks can work out a long-term contract extension. If that doesn’t happen, and if Thomas becomes disgruntled because of it, then that’s when Dallas can swoop in and potentially make a deal. After all, he’s made no bones about wanting to play for the Cowboys.

For what it’s worth, Pete Carroll recently made it clear he expects Thomas to be with the Seahawks in 2018.