Report: Cowboys have talked to Josh Freeman

The Dallas Cowboys are in desperation mode to find suitable quarterback depth after losing Kellen Moore to a broken ankle.

In an attempt at due diligence, the Cowboys have reportedly been in contact with the agent for free-agent quarterback Josh Freeman.

The Cowboys missed the boat on nabbing Nick Foles after he signed a deal with the Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday. Plus, it is looking less likely that the Cowboys might secure Josh McCown who was also on their radar.

Freeman has a terrible track record in the NFL ever since his original tenure with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers came to an end in 2012.

Since, he has played in a total of five NFL games over the last three seasons. He was most recently featured as a starter in the Indianapolis Colts final game last season.

It should be interesting to see if anything comes of this after the Cowboys reported communications with Freeman’s camp.

Besides Michael Vick, there really are not many other options remaining in free agency.