Report: Colin Kaepernick refuses pay cut, no deal with Broncos

After a long and drawn out process of negotiation between Colin Kaepernick, the San Francisco 49ers and the Denver Broncos, there will reportedly be no trade for the quarterback.

Jason Cole of Bleacher Report came out with this report on Tuesday that could mean an end to Kaepernick’s trade demands:

Kaepernick showed up to Santa Clara on Tuesday morning for team workouts after much speculation that he might not come. He’s been disgruntled with the 49ers since last year when he was thrown under the bus multiple times from leaks within the organization that he had lost the team and was “on an island.”

However, with $400,000 on the line tied to offseason participation, Kaepernick realized it was in his best interest to come to team workouts this week for the first time under new head coach Chip Kelly.

And now that he’s reportedly set on not taking less money to move to Denver, it would appear that playing for Kelly in San Francisco is his best option. It has been reported that Kaepernick was being asked to play for $7 million per year in Denver, but by staying with the 49ers he retains his base pay of $11.9 million.

In fact, as we’ve been saying all along, it has always been his best option. Kaepernick’s skill set fits Kelly’s read-option offense to perfection. The two of them should be able to work together to form a dynamic duo that has the potential to wreak havoc on the NFL for years to come.