Report: Celtics’ likeliest trade scenario involves Jahlil Okafor

There’s been a ton of talk since the 2015-16 season ended that the Boston Celtics might add an upper-echelon player during the summer.

The team was one of the finalists for Kevin Durant before he ultimately opted to sign with the Golden State Warriors.

And while Boston did pick up former Atlanta Hawks All-Star Al Horford, rumors suggesting the team isn’t done haven’t quieted down.

A potential trade partner for Boston, the Philadelphia 76ers have a surplus of able big men. It’s in this that reports continue to suggest the two sides might be able to come to terms on a deal here soon.

According to Keith Pompay of Philly.com, the two sides were close to completing a deal on draft night last month and have kept the lines of communications open.

CSN New England is also reporting that the one of the Celtics’ top options in any potential deal is 2015 top-three pick Jahlil Okafor.

None of this is really late-breaking news. Okafor has long been on the trade block in Philadelphia. And in reality, he’s the one player that might net the Sixers a nice return in a deal.

He’s also an expendable commodity with fellow big Dario Saric heading to Philly from overseas and after the team selected power forward Ben Simmons with the first pick of last month’s draft.

Add in the presence of Nerlens Noel and the return of former lottery pick Joel Embiid from injury, and it’s becoming readily apparent that Philadelphia needs to clear itself of this front-court logjam.

The idea of Boston and Philadelphia coming together on a deal isn’t necessarily too far-fetched. Avery Bradley would likely be one of the major centerpieces heading to the Sixers in this deal. After that, the Celtics would have to throw in draft picks and a veteran or two in order to make it work.

Pure conjecture here. But unless something else comes down the pike for either team, it surely looks like this is more than summer rumors circulating on a never-ending loop. .