Report: Bulls sign Rajon Rondo

By Michael Dixon

The Chicago Bulls have added a veteran point guard. According to ESPN’s Marc J. Spears, the Bulls have signed Rajon Rondo, who spent the 2015-16 season with the Sacramento Kings.

Right now, this move is awfully hard to explain.

Chicago isĀ in the midst of a confusing offseason. The Bulls have unloaded Derrick Rose, lost Joakim Noah, will likely lose Pau Gasol and seem to have at least given strong consideration to trading Jimmy Butler. That all points to a team looking to get younger in a rebuilding project.

That makes perfect sense. This group of Bulls players hasn’t won a championship. Now it’s time to reload and try again in a few years. Right?

Right, except that this is 2016, not 2006. In 2016, “Rajon Rondo” and “rebuilding” should never meet in the same sentence.

It’s hard to even play devil’s advocate here. If Chicago wanted to roll with a point guard past his prime, Rose was a better option. Rose is younger than Rondo, has been an elite player more recently and is still a much better player.

If the Bulls wanted to move on from Rose, that’s fine. But why replace him with someone like Rondo? Go with someone younger. At least, go with a veteran player who’s more of a leader than Rondo.

We’d love to hear anyone rationalize this move. Right now, it seems like a complete misfit.