Report: Browns still intend to trade or cut Brock Osweiler

Brock Osweiler is still a member of the Cleveland Browns. But will he be for much longer? According to a report, the team’s plan for 2017 still doesn’t feature Osweiler.

“The plan is still to move Osweiler, whether in a trade or an outright release,” Mary Kay Cabot of wrote. “The Browns will continue to develop Cody Kessler, but they don’t have much interest in a $16 million backup. Osweiler could be dealt on draft weekend, or the Browns could cut him and try to recoup some of his $16 million salary. But one way or the other, he’s still probably not long for this roster.”

Obviously, the problem with a trade is that the Browns need to find a partner.

Given how poorly Osweiler performed as a starter in 2016 and how much money he’s owed, that’s far easier said than done. Few teams are in the same position as Cleveland. The Browns have a ton of cap space and no real delusions on contending in 2017. Both are essential in having Osweiler on the roster, at least at $16 million.

Really, this goes to show how much Osweiler’s star has fadedĀ in a year.

A year ago, he had his critics but was a prized acquisition of the Houston Texans. Now, he’s someone that a team would rather pay to go home than keep on board as a backup.

It’s not bad work if you can get it. Still, it can’t do much to sooth Osweiler’s ego.