Report: Browns have known who they’re taking No. 1 for two weeks

Sashi Brown is already one of the NFL's top general managers

The Cleveland Browns will make their announcement as to who they are selecting at No. 1 when they are on the clock Thursday evening.

From this most-recent news, general manager Sashi Brown has apparently made up his mind about who the team is taking with that first pick.

Whether the Browns call out pass rusher Myles Garrett’s name or North Carolina quarterback Mitchell Trubisky’s remains the burning question.

It has been heavily speculated that Garrett will be the No. 1 overall pick in this year’s draft. But, the Browns are forever in search of a quarterback and conflicting news suggests that Trubisky could turn out to be the first guy to come off the draft board. Cleveland is also not expected to trade away its No. 1 pick.

If Trubisky goes to the Browns, Garrett will end up falling to the San Francisco 49ers at pick No. 2. Of course, there is still the chance that the 49ers could trade down from this pick.

Soon enough, we will all be able to watch exactly what unfolds when the draft gets underway on Thursday evening.

Stay tuned for the excitement.