Report: Browns, Cowboys could move back as teams target Paxton Lynch

By Michael Dixon

Once Jared Goff and Carson Wentz are off the board, Memphis quarterback Paxton Lynch will be the highest ranked quarterback for many teams. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Dallas Cowboys (No. 4 pick) and Cleveland Browns (No. 8 pick) have both thought about trading back.

There’s a very good chance that Lynch is a big part of these talks. What specifically it means for him, however, is very unclear.

On the other hand, the Browns and Cowboys are both potentially in the market for a first round quarterback. So it’s possible they could be talking about trading back into a reasonable spot to draft Lynch, not thinking he’s worth such a high pick.

Still, even if they don’t think he’s worth that pick, some team might. Quarterbacks are often overdrafted, so a franchiseĀ in need of a signal caller (like the Denver Broncos or New York Jets) could well be talking about moving up to the fourth or eighth pick and selecting Lynch.