Report: Broncos offering 4th-round pick for Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick might never become a member of the Denver Broncos, based on a report by Michael Silver of NFL Network, who says John Elway is only willing to depart with a fourth-round pick in exchange for the quarterback.

The 49ers are looking for a second-round pick for Kaepernick and don’t appear to be interested at all in receiving much less than that.

The team has reportedly worked out the general constructs of a deal with the Cleveland Browns, but Kaepernick is reportedly balking at taking a big pay cut to move to a team that has lost four key veterans in free agency — shades of last year’s exodus in San Francisco.

What we’re seeing here is a big standoff. Both the Browns and the Broncos are clearly viewing Kaepernick with wary eyes, given their unwillingness to take a gamble. Despite Kaepernick’s vast talent reservoir, the last two years have marred the perception of his worth.

Once viewed as one of the league’s brightest stars, he’s now being seen as a huge risk.

It shouldn’t be this way. Kaepernick still has as much potential, or much more, than any of the other quarterbacks who raked in the dough this year in free agency.

Clearly, he deserves better than he is getting right now.

But recency bias has shown itself to be a huge factor this offseason, meaning it’s becoming more and more likely he’ll simply remain on San Francisco’s roster to compete for a starting job.