Report: Broncos could be worth $3 billion if sold

By David Kenyon

The failing health of Pat Bowlen means the Denver Broncos need to have a succession plan for the controlling ownership stake. But if the dysfunction surrounding that situation leads to the franchise hitting the market, the sale could be unparalleled.

According to Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman, “several league sources” said the Broncos could be worth as much as $3 billion.

That number would shatter the record recently set by David Tepper in his acquisition of the Carolina Panthers. Tepper purchased the franchise for $2.275 billion.

The Broncos have been in the Bowlen family since Pat and three of his siblings bought the team in 1984.

However, at least two of the Bowlen children are interested in assuming principal ownership, so a battle could be brewing. Anyone entertaining the idea of buying the franchise surely is monitoring how those discussions play out.

Should the ownership fight become contentious to the point of no return and the Broncos become available, the sale could be historic.