Report: Bills ‘all-in’ on Tyrod Taylor, could offer six-year contract

Tyrod Taylor

The Buffalo Bills are reportedly enamored with quarterback Tyrod Taylor to the point of potentially offering him a six-year contract.


The Bills are currently negotiating with Taylor and his representation on a new deal that could be announced as early as Friday.

That an extension is being worked out isn’t shocking at all. This is something the Bills have been talking about throughout the offseason.

However, if a big long-term deal is what comes out of these talks, that would be a bit surprising. Taylor didn’t even manage to put together a full season for Buffalo last year in his first action as a starting quarterback in the NFL.

While he did show some promise, completing 63.7 percent of his passes for 3,035 yards with 20 touchdowns and six interceptions, Buffalo could be jumping the gun just a bit here.

That said, perhaps the franchise doesn’t want a Brock Osweiler situation to develop. The Denver Broncos lost their chance to keep their future franchise passer in the organization because of poor handling, and Buffalo certainly doesn’t want to lose Taylor.

This will be an interesting story to follow throughout the season. The Washington Redskins took a different approach with Kirk Cousins, allowing him to play out the year on the franchise tag. Buffalo could have followed suit with Taylor next year to see if he’s really worth a big-money deal with tons of guaranteed cash.

At this point, it appears that’s not going to be the case. Stay tuned.