Report: Baylor covered up Shawn Oakman history of violence towards women dating back to 2013

By Jesse Reed
Courtesy of USA Today Images

Shawn Oakman, one of the top athletes entering the 2016 NFL Draft, already had some serious red flags regarding an alleged sexual assault in 2016. However, a new report, courtesy of Alex Dunlap of, shows a history of violence towards women that dates back to 2013. And the worst part is that Baylor reportedly knew about this history and did nothing about it.

Dunlap also provided documents from 2013 backing up this report:

There are many questions that need answering in light of this report.

As for Oakman and his NFL Draft status, at this point it would seem prudent for teams to avoid him like the plague. Already a questionable talent, despite his freakish athleticism, Oakman was looking at being selected on Day 2 or Day 3 before this report. Now he should be untouchable.

If Baylor did in fact know about this incident, in which a woman was injured due to Oakman’s actions, and did nothing, the university is in a heap of trouble.