Report: Antonio Brown still in NFL concussion protocol, despite ‘faking’ claim of Adam Jones

Jesse Reed
NFL concussion protocol

Despite what Adam Jones would have us believe, Antonio Brown did indeed suffer a concussion Saturday when Vontaze Burfict laid him out late in the fourth quarter.

Adam Schefter reports the Pittsburgh Steelers all-world receiver is still in the league’s concussion protocol as of Monday morning:

It was quite obvious Brown was “dinged up,” as they like to say in the NFL, after being blasted on a dirty hit by the Cincinnati Bengals linebacker. He hit the ground hard and was flung backwards violently following the hit (watch here).

However, Jones (who is never afraid to say what he thinks, no matter how outlandish) claims Brown winked at him while he was laying on the ground and says the receiver deserves a Grammy for “flopping” on the play.

“Antonio Brown was not hurt. I know he was faking it. Go back and look at that play. If you go back in slow-motion, you tell me that Vontaze hit him in the head, or did his shoulder pads barely touch him,” he said on the Dan Patrick Show Monday morning.

These are the comments of a delusional man.

It’s worth noting that Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has said he expects Brown to be fine for next weekend’s divisional round matchup against the Denver Broncos. Even if he is “fine” to play a week after suffering a concussion, nobody should think for a second that it makes what Burfict did any less dangerous.

Both Burfict and Jones are completely out of line.

The fact that Jones is going on the Dan Patrick Show to point the finger at Brown instead of taking the blame for effectively tag-teaming with Burfict to lose the playoff game for the Bengals is beyond asinine.

Apparently personal accountability is something he’ll never learn.