Report: Aldon Smith setting up meeting with NFL to plead for reinstatement

It’s taken nearly a month since he first applied for reinstatement, but it appears Aldon Smith will finally get the chance to plead his case to the NFL.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, Smith is getting a meeting set up with league commissioner Roger Goodell or another high-ranking official to do just that.

This news comes just one day after it was revealed Smith had extended his rehab stint another 60 days after his initial 120-day stay. Smith originally went into rehab after video surfaced that appeared to show the pass rusher rolling up a joint on Periscope.

As of yesterday, Smith was still waiting for his chance to set the meeting up with the league office.

Not long after he had applied for reinstatement, he was seen at a Golden State Warriors game and was reported as saying he’d be “back in two weeks.”

It’s been more than a month since he said those words. Eligible for reinstatement on November 17, he assumed that the league would make quick work of his application. That has obviously not been the case.

If the NFL does reinstate Smith, then it’s not out of the question he could have an impact on Oakland’s defense, both as the regular season comes to an end and during the playoffs.

Oakland is already the top-seeded team in the AFC and will remain so if it wins out. Needless to say, getting one of the league’s more dangerous pass rushers back in time for the championship push would be highly beneficial.