Report: Adrian Peterson’s Appeal Set For December 2nd

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson will not suit up for the team’s next two games while he awaits to appeal the season-long suspension that the NFL imposed on him earlier this week.

According to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, the collective bargaining agreement calls for an appeal hearing to take place on the second Tuesday after the appeal itself is filed.

The larger question at hand here is who will reside over the appeals process. The NFLPA indicated following the suspension that Roger Goodell shouldn’t have the power to overturn or uphold a suspension that he himself handed down. And in reality, that makes perfect sense.

But under the collective bargaining agreement, the commissioner has the sole power to listen to appeals of suspensions. That same agreement, which was agreed to by both sides back in 2011, indicates that Goodell is the only individual able to activate Peterson from the commissioner’s/exempt list.

Even though Peterson is suspended for the remainder of the year, he’s still getting paid while the appeals process plays out.

Photo: USA Today