Report: Adrian Peterson Wants to Play for the Cowboys

Now this is some interesting information right here. According to a report by ESPN, Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson placed a call to Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones back in June indicating that he wants to suit up for the Cowboys one day . 

In the video, ESPN investigative reporter Don Van Natta Jr. claims that he was present when Jones received the call from Peterson a few months back.

According to Van Natta Jr, once Jerry answered the phone, he responded to an unknown Peterson comment by saying the following…

Well, I hear you Adrian. I am a big fan of yours too. We’ll see if we can make that happen.

The ESPN reporter asked Jones whether Peterson told the owner he wants to play for the Cowboys? Jones then confirmed that Peterson indicated he’d love to play for the Cowboys one day.

You also have a little thing called tampering. Did Jones violate NFL rules by speaking to a player who is currently under contract about playing for his team? Jones suggests that no rules were broken, but we can expect the league to look into this.

Peterson, the best running back of our generation, is under contract with Minnesota through the 2017 season. Neither Peterson or the Vikings have responded to the report as of yet.

Photo: USA Today