Regarding ‘disrespectful’ Warriors, history shows Wizards have no room to talk

The Washington Wizards were embarrassed by the Golden State Warriors Sunday night, losing by the blowout score of 139-115.

During the final stages of the blowout loss, Washington felt disrespected when JaVale McGee (Shaq’s favorite punching bag) launched a three-point attempt to avoid a shot-clock violation.

“That’s like a basketball rule. You don’t shoot the ball, period,” Bradley Beal said after the game, per Jon Becker of the San Jose Mercury News. “Take the turnover, especially if you’re up 20 or however much you’re up. You’re not respecting the game.”

It’s understandable that the Wizards weren’t pleased. Nobody likes suffering through a blowout. And jacking up threes while you’re ahead is somewhat akin to a football team throwing long bombs late in the fourth quarter while up big.

That said, the Wizards also have absolutely no room to talk. As detailed by Becker, this team has done exactly the same thing a few times this season. Here’s one example.

This was a blowout win Washington had over the Portland Trail Blazers in January. The clock was running down, so Tomas Satoransky took a three-point shot to avoid a shot-clock violation. Satoransky did exactly the same thing later that month against the Atlanta Hawks.

It happens to every team every single year.

Yet somehow when McGee did it to the Wizards, it was a “disrespectful” move.

In the words of Steve Smith Sr., former NFL great, “ice up, son.”