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Redskins QB’ Kirk Cousins Driving Around in a Van

Vincent Frank

It might not get great gas mileage, but the van that Washington Redskins backup quarterback Kirk Cousins is driving around has some sentimental value to it. The van, which can be seen below, was previously owned by his grandparents. According to The Washington Post, Cousins bought it off his grandmother after his grandfather passed away earlier this year.

Cousins wasn’t trying to make a lifestyle statement with his new wheels. The van was his grandfather’s, a limited-edition 2000 model that Cousins had always admired when he visited his grandparents. His grandfather passed away at the age of 86 during the offseason, and his grandmother no longer needed the vehicle.

It’s still a pretty neat ride.


I always love to see professional athletes ride around in a car that can’t be considered luxurious. It shows them to more in touch with mainstream America. And what says mainstream America more than a conversion van?

Photo: NY Post