Ray Lewis lectures Johnny Manziel: ‘actions have consequences’

Week 12 marked the first game of Johnny Manziel’s demotion to third-string for the Cleveland Browns after he went on a partying spree and then lied to his team about it.

Prior to Monday’s game, former Baltimore Ravens linebacker and ESPN commentator Ray Lewis lectured the young quarterback. The legendary player told Johnny Football that his actions have consequences and that the quarterback needs to quit making foolish mistakes.

While most can agree that Manziel is doing nothing to prove he is responsible enough to handle starting quarterback duties, Lewis’ comments struck some nerves.

Lewis was indicted for murder when he was 25 years old which was just one year prior to him being named the Super Bowl MVP. He pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice and settled the charge civilly with the families of the victims.

Lewis wrote in his autobiography that it was not admission of guilt, but he said he was expressing love and sympathy.

Some folks might agree that Lewis has the right to chastise Manziel because his “mistake” was made when he was in his 20s. Conversely, others might not see Lewis as the ideal role model, considering the dark deed he was involved in.

Needless to say, Lewis’ comment sparked a ton of social media excitement.

Judge for yourself. Which photo looks worse?

We can all agree on this: Manziel has some growing up to do, and he needs to stop being caught on camera if he does choose to party. He knows by now anything with his name attached to it is going to go viral on social media.

Though, it is rich for Lewis, of all people, to step in and attempt to play the mentor role.