Ray Allen calls out loyalty double standard in wake of Isaiah Thomas trade

Jun 6, 2014; San Antonio, TX, USA; Miami Heat head guard Ray Allen answers questions at Spurs Practice Facility. Mandatory Credit: Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Former Boston Celtics star Ray Allen wasn’t happy with fans who burnt Isaiah Thomas’ jersey after the point guard was traded to Cleveland. Allen, whose former teammates in Beantown didn’t invite him to the reunion because he left, posted his opinion on Instagram and made a sound point.

He screenshotted Caron Butler’s post, pointing out that Thomas played for Boston the day after his sister died, and added a caption of his own.

“It is just a business so when the teams do it there should be no difference when the players do it,” the caption read, in part.


When it comes to loyalty, Allen is more or less correct. The bottom line is what matters most and it’s strange that people can’t come to grips with it. This post is an admonishment of fans who burnt Thomas’ jersey, but it’s also a defense of Allen leaving Boston. He made a business decision in doing so.

Allen obviously feels like he should be pardoned for leaving the Celtics and he’s right. The guy was a major reason Boston won the title in 2008, its only championship since 1984. Give him a break.