Ravens giving away free DNA kits as promotional item


While promotional giveaways are common in sports, fans attending The Baltimore Ravens home opener on Sunday will be getting a highly unusual giveaway.

“The Ravens on Sunday are adopting a unique approach: The tens of thousands of fans entering M&T Bank Stadium for the NFL team’s home opener against the Cleveland Browns will receive free DNA test kits,” Jeff Barker of The Baltimore Sun reported. “It’s an approach stretching the usual giveaway model, and likely to generate fan buzz. The club calls it ‘one of the most innovative events a partner has ever spearheaded.’”

That’s certainly not something that we see every day.

Barker added that “Fans who choose to participate can learn about their genetic makeup, says Orig3n, the Boston-based biotech firm sponsoring the event. The procedure begins when fans swab the inside of their cheek, drop the sample into a stadium bin and register with the company online.”

It will be interesting to see how successful this is. By the number of commercials we see, it’s apparent that DNA and genetic background tests have become more popular in recent years. Certainly, if the Ravens get a number of interested parties, we can expect to see a number of NFL teams (as well as others in pro sports) following.