Ravens donate $75,000 to help local children with after-school bus rides

By Vincent Frank

The Baltimore Ravens are giving back to the community during the offseason. It’s something we see from every team around the NFL. Take a couple of local issues and make them your own. Work within the community as volunteers and donate money to make those less privileged live a little better.

That’s exactly what the Ravens and their players have done recently by donating $75,000 in cash to restore free after-school bus rides for the city’s children. In teaming up with Under Armour, the donations will enable school-aged children to ride for free anywhere on Maryland Transit Administration buses up until 8 p.m. It extends free rides for a couple hours and helps children in low-income areas utilize public transportation.

“There are students who would not be able to participate in these important activities if the free service stopped at 6 p.m,” Ravens President Dick Cass, via The Baltimore Sun.

It’s uplifting stories like these that are not covered too often in the media world. They tell us a story of professional franchises and players that want to do whatever they can to help the communities that cheer them on consistently. In this specific act of good faith, it helps the youngsters who are simply trying to do what they can to survive difficult situations.

Both Under Armour and the Baltimore Ravens should get a pat on the back for a job well done here.