Ravens donate $1.5 million to keep high school open


On the verge of what should be a very telling 2017 season, the Baltimore Ravens took time out of their busy schedule to help the community.

The team decided to donate $1.5 million to keep Renaissance Academy High School in Baltimore open. Not only that, the Ravens helped renovate the previously rundown school. It was a tremendous gesture, one that owner Steve Bisciotti made a reality after he was moved by stories from students at the school.

“We saw it as an opportunity to get involved and where the Ravens could make a difference,” Ravens president Dick Cass told The Baltimore Sun.

It’s an important story of an organization that wanted to help those young people that will act as the face of its community moving forward.

It was just last year that a decision was made to close the school after two students were killed within the past 18 months. One on campus following a stabbing and the other at a nearby apartment complex.

This just goes to show us how important a professional sports organization can be within its community. They are stories that are repeated over and over again. For the Ravens, they deserve a ton of credit.