Raptors first-round pick O.G. Anunoby will steal your girlfriend

By Vincent Frank

Hashing up old tweets from draft picks has become a favorite national pastime of ours. Dallas Mavericks first-round pick Dennis Smith Jr. had an absolutely amazing run of it Thursday night after he was selected. “Knock on wood,” one might say.

We also have to remember Dak Prescott’s years-old tweet questioning the ability of Tony Romo. That was hashed up following him being selected in the 2016 NFL Draft (more on that here).

Now, it looks like we’ve found an oldie from Toronto Raptors first-round pick O.G. Anunoby.

He. Will. Steal. Your. Girlfriend.

Now that’s just some amazing stuff right there.

“Our girlfriend.” Whatever that means is anyone’s guess.

Let’s just hope significant others of Raptors players aren’t greeting¬†Anunoby in this manner. No one needs that type of drama.