Randy Moss on NFL marijuana policy: ‘Needs to loosen up the rules’

By Rachel Wold

Legendary wide receiver Randy Moss participated in an in-depth question and answer session with Kalyn Kahler of Sports Illustrated just recently.

One question of particular interest that was thrown the way of the former All Pro pass catcher involved NFL’s current drug policy, including its stance on marijuana.

When asked whether he thinks the NFL should remove marijuana from its list of banned substances, Moss had this to say.

“I think the NFL just needs to loosen up the rules and let everybody live.”

Moss was arrested back in 1996 on marijuana charges while in high school. He was also placed in the NFL’s drug program for testing positive for marijuana in 2001. Though, he was not suspended and never tested positive for the drug again.

In the interview, Moss also defended Miami Dolphins rookie first-round pick Laremy Tunsil, who¬†fell down the board during this past spring’s draft after a video was leaked of him smoking marijuana.

“I don’t know what Tunsil was smoking in the video on social media, but he wasn’t hurting nobody,” Moss said. “He was just doing it to himself. That’s not a character issue.”

The NFL’s current stance on marijuana is a constant topic of debate between those who support the league and those who believe that the archaic rules need to be amended.

Clearly, Moss’ use of marijuana in the past did nothing to impact what ended up being an illustrious 16-year career that saw him record nearly 1,000 receptions for 15,292 yards and 156 scores.