Randall Cobb blasts ‘cheap,’ ‘front-runner’ Seahawks for late hits

One day removed from a huge win for the Green Bay Packers over the Seattle Seahawks at Lambeau Field, receiver Randall Cobb is still heated about getting blasted late by Jeremy Lane.

As the Packers ran the clock out in victory formation, Lane clobbered Cobb, knocking him a few yards backwards.

It was a completely unnecessary and dirty hit by Lane, who potentially could have started a huge fight with such a move at the end of the game.

When asked about the hit on Monday, Cobb had nothing nice to say about his opponent or the team he plays for.

This echoes what Tampa Bay Buccaneers center Joe Hawley said a couple weeks back. He said that one Seahawks defensive lineman actually spit in his face and that late hits were the order of the day (more on that here).

Aside from the accusation of dirty play, it’s also interesting that Cobb called the Seahawks a “bunch of front-runners.” Both accusations of foul play have come after games in which the Seahawks got roasted on the road by their opponent.

Of course, the Seahawks will deny any talk of dirty play. They claim they play only between the lines and between the whistles. But the video evidence above illustrates at least one instance where this wasn’t the case.