Rams fans want Wade Phillips to dress up like his dad during throwback game

Wade Phillips
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

If some fans of the Los Angeles Rams get their way, defensive coordinator Wade Phillips might be taking on the look of his late father, Bum.

A movement has started to get Wade to wear his father’s distinctive outfit during the team’s “throwback” days.

“A handful of Los Angeles Rams fans are clamoring for defensive coordinator Wade Phillips to pay homage to his father, the late Bum Phillips, during the Rams’ throwback uniform games this season,” Craig Hlavaty of the Houston Chronicle reported. “The team will be turning back the clock at home during the rest of their regular season home games at the Los Angeles Coliseum. It’s a temporary home for the team before their new stadium opens in 2020.”

From 1975-1980, Phillips coached the then Houston Oilers. He led the Oilers to a 55-35 record, three playoff appearances, and two trips to the AFC Championship Game. After leaving Houston, Phillips went to the New Orleans Saints from 1981-1985. His time there wasn’t nearly as successful, as he posted a 27-42 record and never made the playoffs. Phillips passed away in 2013.

Whether indoors or outdoors or winning or losing Bum’s style was uniquely his.

We could certainly get on board with seeing Wade dressed like that at least once.