Rams’ color rush uniforms are hideous

Michael Dixon
Where does Todd Gurley rank among NFL running backs this year?

The NFL’s color rush uniforms haven’t exactly been a big hit.

Something about solid dark colors just looks very amateurish, and I can’t imagine that’s what the NFL is really looking for with these uniforms.

But the ones that the Rams are wearing tonight take things to a new level of ridiculous.

Before scrolling down, I think it’s necessary to warn you: What you’re about to see is not pretty.

Where do we start? As much as I’m not a fan of the color rush uniforms, I’ll admit that having opposing teams wearing dark jerseys does look cool. Having said that, it’s not such a good look that we need make it work at any cost. In other words, if the Rams traditional blue doesn’t contrast well enough with Tampa’s Red, it’s okay to just have one of the teams wear the normal white jersey.

What’s sad is that the Bucs’ unis look glorious in comparison.

Passing on the color rush jerseys wouldn’t be the end of the world. Then again, if they were no longer being featured, we’d be missing out on glorious social media posts like this one:

What’s scary here is not just that we now live in a world where a team in the most popular league in the country has donned these uniforms. But if it’s going to happen in this league, it’s probably something that a few prominent people had to sign off on.

It’s really simple. If the best look we can come up with is to have 300 pound men looking like bananas, we need to try harder.