Rafael Palmeiro: ‘The comeback is real’

Rafael Palmeiro is looking to make a comeback.

Rafael Palmeiro is 53 years old. He has not played professional baseball since 2005. This isn’t stopping the four-time All-Star from attempting to make a comeback to the game he played for 20 seasons.

Palmeiro confirmed recently that his comeback attempt is real while showing a video of him taking some balls to the netting in a batting cage.

By the looks of it, Palmeiro is in great shape. His swing also looks pretty darn good, too. But the dude isn’t going to play in the Majors again. It’s not happening. Sorry to rain on your parade, Rafael, but MLB isn’t ready for the return of one of the most prominent players of the Steroids era.

Palmeiro last played for the Orioles back in 2005, hitting .266 to go with 18 homers and 66 RBI. Days after collecting his 3,000th career hit, Palmeiro tested positive for Steroids and was suspended by MLB. He has not played since that season.