Projected top-10 pick has flagged drug test at NFL Combine

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Combine is an opportunity for prospects to impress teams with their athleticism on the field and leave them with a strong impression before the 2020 NFL Draft. One of the players who shined at the combine and cemented his status as a top-10 pick, also came out of Indianapolis with a flagged drug test.

According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, offensive tackle Mekhi Becton fhad his his drug test flagged at the NFL Combine. Teams were alerted to the failed test and Becton will be placed in Stage 1 of the league’s intervention program.

The 6-foot-7 tackle lit up the NFL world with a blazing run in the 40-yard dash. Between his outstanding size, athleticism and strength for the position, Becton immediately was projected as a likely top-10 pick. In a deep draft class at the position, the 21-year-old is considered to be one of the best and offers All-Pro potential if he reaches his ceiling.

Fortunately, Becton is entering the NFL at the right time. The new collective bargaining agreement significantly reduced the league’s disciplinary policy for drug offenses, most notably regarding marijuana.

Because this is Becton’s first flagged test at the NFL level, he will only need to be in the first stage of the league’s intervention program for a maximum of 60 days. If he doesn’t fail another test during that time, he will be placed back into the group of players without a failed drug test.

Given the league’s more relaxed stance on flagged drug tests, this likely won’t hurt Becton’s draft stock too much. NFL teams will likely make a note of this and then go back to watching Becton pull trucks like he is carrying a child on his back.