Prisoner Files Petition for Release to Watch LeBron James

Jason Goudlock is currently imprisoned for aggravated robbery. While he’s not set to be released until 2028, Goudlock filed a petition with the Ohio Parole Board to be released in part to watch LeBron James pursuit of a championship with his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers.

According to FreeJasonGoudlock.org (yes, the inmate does have a website), Goudlock has been working hard to reform himself and would like to be released in order to help at-risk youth and see LeBron play live, among other things.

Here is part of his letter to the parole board. 

I have begun to develop a plan for helping at-risk youths. To do this, I must lead by example, which is what I will do if you grant me the opportunity to begin the process of redeeming myself. I am not a career criminal, and I am ready to be released from prison. I urge you to retire #284-561 because I have history to make. On the lighter side, I would truly like to witness in person LeBron James’ pursuit of an NBA championship for my beloved hometown.

You have to hand it to Goudlock here. He didn’t come up with a generic reason for release. Instead, this is about as original as it comes. Now whether the parole board accepts his plea is completely different story. I’d give that about the same chance as a LeBron-less Cavaliers team actually winning the title.

Photo: USA Today