Power 5 coach: Idea of spring college football season ‘absurd’

There have been many ideas about how college football might take place as America deals with the COVID-19 pandemic, including spring football in 2021.

That idea in particular wasn’t well received by at least one Power 5 coach.

Bleacher Report college football writer Matt Hayes shared that one Power 5 coach called the idea of football taking place in the spring “absurd.”

And his reasoning isn’t all that illogical, as you’re about to see.

Because college football makes so much money for universities, it stands to reason that schools will do anything they can to get the players onto the field as soon as it’s safe enough to do it.

However, it’s worth pointing out that on Wednesday, during a conference call with Vice President Mike Pence, that commissioners told him there will be no football until normal students are allowed back at school.