Poll shows vast majority of NFL fans believe league should allow marijuana use

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL’s drug policy continues to come under fire. It’s been a longstanding issue, especially surrounding the ban of marijuana as a medical alternative to mainstream opioid use around the league.

Multiple former NFL players have spoken out on this topic, Eugene Monroe and future Hall of Famer Calvin Johnson included.

It now looks like a vast majority of NFL fans believe marijuana should not be on the banned substance list. In fact, 82 percent of thoseĀ polled by SportsFacts believe players should be able to use marijuana as a medical alternative to much more dangerous opioids.

Courtesy of SportsFacts

A total of 66 percent flatly indicated that marijuana should not be banned at all.

Courtesy of SportsFacts

These are stunning numbers given the NFL’s pushback against nation-wide thinking in the modern age. Multiple states have legalized marijuana for recreational use. Meanwhile, a vast majority of the 50 states allow use of the substance for medical reasons.

It will be interesting to see how the NFL responds as the nation itself continues to be more progressive regarding marijuana as a pain-management option. For now, the league remains stuck in its archaic way of thinking.