Pittsburgh is not too happy about Tom Brady touching the Stanley Cup

Pretty much anything New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady touches these days turns to gold. Heck, Brady just announced he is writing a self-help book and it has already become a best seller.

Well, not so fast. Brady isn’t perfect and he actually angered Pittsburgh fans when he touched the Penguins’ newly-minuted Stanley Cup trophy.

This fan went as far to call Brady’s hands “filthy.” We hardly doubt that is the case, but he probably did leave behind some fingerprints.

Here are a couple of more disgruntled fan reactions.

This one really takes the cake.


In the end, Brady fans jumped into the Twitter spat and defended their quarterback.


Take that. Yes. It’s a slow day in the NFL, so we shall close up business today dredging up the on-going feud between Pittsburgh fans and New England fans. Happy Friday evening all!