Photo: Tom Brady Playing Golf with Michael Jordan

New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady is whooping it up on a fabulous tropical vacation. However, it looks like he forgot to pack his golf shoes, as he is wearing a pair of high-top basketball sneakers in this group photo.

Courtesy: Luke Donald Instagram

Courtesy: Luke Donald Instagram

Note the knee brace on Brady’s left leg. You have to wonder if he is wearing that due to a minor ding he may have received while careening off of a cliff into a rocky pool of water just a couple of days ago.

Either way, it looks like Brady’s vacation is awesome. Hopefully for the Patriots’ sake, he returns in one piece and sticks to playing golf.

And hopefully for Brady, this “fashion statement” is a one time thing. It’s not a good look, dude.

In fact, Michael Jordan should be a bro and hook him up with a pair. It’s not like Jordan is low in shoe inventory these days.

Photo: Instagram.