Philly customs officers seized 108 fake Super Bowl rings shipped from Hong Kong

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Eagles fever is at an all-time high right now in Philadelphia after the underdog NFL squad won the first Super Bowl in franchise history while beating the league’s version of the evil empire in Super Bowl LII.

Recently, the team unveiled their spectacular Super Bowl rings, along with some replicas that fans could buy for a mere $11,127.

Those who didn’t have that kind of cash to spend on a piece of history should thank their local customs office, because it recently seized 108 fake Super Bowl rings that were shipped to Philly from Hong Kong.

According to Michael Tanenbaum of Philly Voice, the shipment seized by the Philadelphia customs office “contained a total of 108 rings representing Super Bowl winners throughout the history of the NFL. If they had been authentic, they would have had a combined MSRP of $1.08 million.”

The rings were spotted as fakes due to “poor craftsmanship,” and the report notes they would have likely ended up being sold at internet shops if they hadn’t been seized.