Phillies will revoke media credentials of anyone caught tweeting while manager and players speak


The Philadelphia Phillies are prepared to revoke the media credentials of anyone caught texting while a player or the manager is speaking.

Dan Patrick of ABC 6 reported the news on Tuesday.

Most of Patrick’s replies asked a simple question. Why? And frankly, we’re baffled. This is an odd restriction.

Obviously, comments from managers and players are frequently tweeted out. This will not prohibit any of that. It will only delay the process by a matter of minutes. Even if it did eliminate the tweeting of comments, why would the Phillies want that? Managers and players are discussing the game. They’re not exactly revealing state secrets.

In time, it’s possible that a good reason for this might come out. But from the outside looking in, this really feels like a team flexing its muscle for the sake of flexing its muscle (something we’ve seen in Philadelphia before).