Philip Rivers Open to Extension Talks with the Chargers

San Diego Chargers’ quarterback Philip Rivers is signed to play with the team through the 2015 season. Reports have been surfacing that the 11-year veteran might call it quits after he completes the last year of his deal.

Additionally, the team may be on the move to Los Angeles for the 2016 season, an idea Rivers doesn’t seem to be enthralled with.

Now it would appear that Rivers is willing to consider life with the Chargers beyond 2015, stating this regarding a contract extension (via NFL.com).

All I can say at this point regarding an extension is I’m willing to listen to anything. I’m also willing to play it out. I’m just fired up to be the Chargers’ QB in 2015.

Rivers may sound a little bit relieved here because of the many recent rumors that have come and gone regarding the Chargers possibly trading him to the Tennessee Titans. Obviously that did not happen, and Rivers is safe with his current team for the foreseeable future.

In terms of Rivers’ views on the Chargers acquisition of running back Melvin Gordon in the first round of the draft Thursday night, the quarterback had this to say:

I watched Melvin on many Saturday night highlight.” It’s exciting. We have a great group of backs. We are at our best when 50-50 run/pass. This group gives us a great chance to be that.

Rivers stands correct in analysis of the Chargers’ one-two punch in Gordon and Danny Woodhead.

Photo: USA Today Sports